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Chimney flashing is notorious for leaking. When you need chimney flashing repair in RI and Southeastern MA, contact the professionals at Above all Roofing.

Chimney flashing is designed to repel water that hits the chimney, then while traveling down the chimney; it disperses the water onto the shingles and into your gutters. Therefore it is important to ensure that any chimney flashing repair is completed quickly.

You can spot leaking chimney flashing by noticing stained ceilings, the most common sign of flashing not doing its job properly. You should complete your chimney flashing repair if it is missing, rusted through, falling out, attacked by animals or completely covered with roofing tar. Many chimney companies will cover the flashing with roofing tar, a typical short term chimney flashing repair that's sure to be hiding bigger problems.

Completing chimney flashing repairs in this manner will not allow the flashing to breath and could be creating future problems you will not physically see, until it's too late! It is a good time to install new chimney flashing when you are putting on a new roof because you'll want it to last as long as the new roof.

To correctly repair troubled chimney flashing is to remove the entire old lead and completely replace it. The professional team at Above All Roofing has the knowledge and experience to complete your chimney flashing repair correctly the first time to ensure no further leaks are getting into your home.

Call Above All Roofing for your chimney flashing repair. If a problem with your chimney flashing has been found, you can rest assured we will resolve the problem. We service Rhode Island and Southeastern Massachusetts.

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